NZ young writer’s festival

If you happen to be in Dunedin during the middle weekend of the holidays, or are looking for something to stimulate yourselves during your break, then this looks like an awesome event!

Level 2 Speaking task


Examination revision

Hi team! A few of you have started talking about exam revision with me. Here are the ways in which I believe you should approach revision: Look at and attempt past NCEA English papers (remember

Period 1 of your ‘Being There’ assessment

Hi team! Thanks to those of you who have contacted me about the cross country tomorrow. Don’t worry, you will get an extra hour of writing time to compensate for this school event. We will

Room 22 scene description

Your task is to write a creative description of room 22. You need to utilise the following elements in your writing: connotative language, personification, interesting syntactical effects and any other writing devices you feel will

Protected: 2.4 Task 2 – Creative Writing task

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Emily Perkins’ ‘You can hear the boats go by’

As we did with Mansfield’s piece, find the effective writing techniques that Perkins used in this story. Ensure you get examples and discuss the effect that was created.

‘The Doll’s House’ by Katherine Mansfield

Post reading, go through the piece and analyse what creative writing features Mansfield used and why they were effective – get examples from the text to support your writings.

‘Rick and Jean’

Notes by Aimee and ZB

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